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Anette Novak

Editor-in-chief of Norran, regional media house 2 300 kilometers north of Brussels, who has been running its ground-breaking open newsdesk, which co-creates journalism with the audience,  since 2009.

The daily, who turned 100 years last year, has been nominated Newspaper of the Year 2011, Newsroom of the year 2011 – and Anette herself ”Innovator of the Year” in one of the most prestigious Swedish Journalism Awards ("Stora Journalistpriset").

Anette Novak is board-member of World Editors Forum, Swedish Media Association and has over 20 years of experience from different managerial positions within the media sphere. Avid evangelist of the digital opportunities in general and open innovation in particular

Interview with Anette Novak by WAN-IFRA